Friday, October 21, 2016

2017 Rider Support Officially Open!

Here at Woodcraft we know that winning is important to every racer. There is no better feeling than being on the podium! Being a sponsored rider with us is more than podium finishes though. We want to build a strong lasting relationship with our riders that promote you the rider and Woodcraft at the same time. 

The digital age of social media is rocking in full force and these days it's as much about promoting your sponsors as it is winning. Every photo, blog, vlog, and product review is as just important as winning and setting blistering laptimes! So share those  posts, tags and likes by tagging us in them because we love seeing your content!

We would like to thank all of our sponsor riders this season for their efforts in promoting Woodcraft Technologies products on and off the racetrack! 

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2017 race season is open now (Oct 2016) until the end of January (2017) so send in those resumes! You can send them to or visit our website

Feel free to send in newsletter, blog postings and videos (literally whatever you can think of and be creative with) when submitting your resume! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Woodcraft Tire Warmers - Made in the USA

Late last season we went back to the drawing board and upgraded nearly every component in our tire warmers.
If you need warmers, be sure to check these out this fall - here's why:  
Top of the line components
  • Polartec® Wind Pro® A new revolution in thermal fabrics. The tight knit construction blocks 95% of the heat robbing wind.
  • Precision Thermostats
    Our new thermostats hold tighter temperature ranges and are more durable than ever, guaranteeing a perfect heat cycle every time.
  • Durable Construction
    We went through the entire warmer and upgraded every seam. They are beautifully stitched with tough Nomex® thread, ensuring they will last through years of abuse.
Try a set and we're sure you'll agree they
are the best warmers you have ever used.
Key Features:
  • Exclusive Quick Disconnect: Only Woodcraft has the quick disconnect feature that cuts power as soon as you remove the warmer. No more smoking warmers on the floor!
  • Even Heat Distribution:
    The  heating element has precise engineered variable spacing between the coils, ensuring the  tire is heated evenly all the way around.
  • Insulating Side Curtains:
    Our Polartec
    ® Wind Pro® side curtains eliminate the #1 cause of heat loss (side winds).  We have seen up to a 15 degree increase in rim temperature with these curtains.
  • Low Profile Insulation: 
  • Our efficient insulation allows us to keep the warmer thin while still providing great performance. You will love how easy this design makes installation and removal.
  • Durable Dual Temp Switch: Select "Hot" when you're ready to go or "Warm" when you have a while between sessions.
  • LED Indicator Light:
    The LED lights red to let you know power is on and turns to green when the tire is at temperature.
  • Power & Voltage:
    All Woodcraft tire warmers are designed to run off a 120 volt power source. We suggest a 1000W Generator when AC power is not available.
To see an online copy of our catalog
for the 2016-17 season.
All spare parts for Woodcraft products can be found under the "Spare Parts" tab of the individual product.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Woodcraft Technologies Brake & Clutch Hand Guards

Pro Road Racing Approved

    Just about everyone we talked to knows someone who has crashed due to their brake lever coming into contact with another rider. Our hand guard line not only prevents inadvertant lever contact but also helps to protect your hands during a crash by keeping them out of harms way. We have a few friends whose pinky fingers have been "shortened" in a crash.
    Our patent-pending design mounts to any 7/8" handlebar and is adjustable for any sized levers. The unique 30 degree down angle helps to keep the guards from interfering with the riders hands while on the track.
    Each mount is machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum with a durable anodized finish. The guards are made from a special plastic that is tough enough to withstand an impact but pliable enough not to splinter in a crash. Replacement plastic guards are available individually*Patent Pending Design*

 “A simple low-side turned into a permanent amputation when my left pinkie got caught between the bar and the track. If I had Woodcraft Technologies Hand Guards installed I could have avoided this injury.” - Chip Spalding

Save your pinkies and invest in a hand guard, they're more than just for your brake lever! 

For more details or to place an order CLICK HERE.

To see an online copy of our catalog
for the 2016-17 season.

All spare parts for Woodcraft products can be found under the "Spare Parts" tab of the individual product.

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