Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Product Update April 2017

    NEW for 2017                  WOODCRAFT
Front Triple Tree Stand
Available Mid-May our all new stand will be in stock and ready to ship. This front triple tree stand has been in the works for quite a while now and we have perfected the design.
New Key Features:
  1. Stronger & Lighter 1.5 inch Base handle
  2.  Integrated Axle & Hardware Holders to keep
    your parts off out of the dirt
  3.  Integrated radial mount caliper hangers to keep pressure off your brake lines during wheel changes
  4.  New upper hoop shape for easier access and better fairing clearance
  • Triple Tree Stand:  
     Retail: $179.99
        2014-16 Honda GROM 
Hindle Full System w/ Small 10" Oval Muffler -Satin SS  
For the 2014-16 Honda GROM we now have an All New Full Exhaust System with a 10" Small Oval Satin Stainless Steel muffler.
  • 2014-16 GROM Full System w/ Oval Satin SS Muffler:    
    75-0305V  Retail: $259.99
        2016-17 Suzuki SV650                       Frame Sliders               
All new Frame Slider base kit for the 2016-17 Suzuki SV650 are here and READY TO SHIP! 
  • 2016-17 SV650 Frame Sliders base kit:  50-0228  Retail: $39.99
      (pucks sold separately)
        2006-15 Yamaha FZ1                 2006-10 Yamaha FZ6                    Front Axle Slider             
All new Axle Slider kit for the 2006-15 FZ1 and 2006-10 FZ6 is on the shelf and READY TO SHIP! 
  • 06-15 FZ1 & 06-10 FZ6           Front Axle Slider:  
     45-0415F  Retail: $59.99
        KTM RC-390        Keyswitch Elimination Harness
Now in Stock, Keyswitch elimination Harness for the KTM RC-390. 
  • KTM RC-390 Keyswitch Harness:
  • 43-0739  Retail: $54.99
 2013-17 Suzuki Hayabusa Keyswitch Elimination Harness
Now in Stock, Keyswitch elimination Harness for the 2013-17 Suzuki Hayabusa. 
  • 2013-17 Suzuki Hayabusa Keyswitch Harness:
    Retail: $54.99 
   Updated Application 
Keyswitch Elimination Harness 43-0204
Keyswitch Harness #43-0204 has revised model application years. The 2013-2014 Suzuki Hayabusa is NO LONGER covered by this harness. (SEE ABOVE)
    43-0204 model compatibility is as follows:
  • Suzuki GSXR600/750 K5 models  2005
  • Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR1300  2008-12  
        Updated Application 
        2006-15 Yamaha FZ-1                   Rear Axle Slider          
Rear Axle Slider #45-0449R will now fit the 2006-15 Yamaha FZ-1 (same part that fits
06-16 R6)
  • 2006-15 FZ-1 Rear Axle Slider:    
    Retail: $59.99

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