Thursday, July 6, 2017

Woodcraft Product Updates - June 2017

    NEW for 2017    Totally Re-Designed WOODCRAFT Rear Stand available in 3 popular styles:

 Available Now:
-Spool Stand 
-Superbike Lifter Stand 
-Pad Stand

 New Key Features:
 -QUAD 5" wheels for unmatched stability and rolling capability over rough surfaces.
-Stronger, Lighter
-1.5" OD base handle allows you lift the stand with low physical effort without sacrificing stability or work space.
-Integrated Axle and Hardware Holders
  • Spool Stand: 
    25-01051  Retail: $149.99 
  • Spool Stand: 
    25-01051  Retail: $149.99 
  • Rear Pad Stand:      
    Retail: $149.99
            2017 Yamaha R6     
                 Superbike Lifters           
    Woodcraft is proud to introduce a new product to our lineup. These 2017 R6 Superbike Lifters will allow you to use our soon to be released lifter rear stand, or any other stand that accommodates lifters.
    • 2017 R6 Superbike Lifters:  
      27-0456B  Retail: $79.99

      (More applications coming soon)
    2017 Suzuki SV650 
    Full Rearset Kit
    Available NOW Complete Adjustable Rearset Kit w/Shift & Brake Pedals for the 2017 SV650.
    • 2017 SV650 Rearset Kit:      
       Retail: $399.99

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